Medical Second Opinion Services

We have been away from India for some time now. We are blessed with a robust family back home that can take care of almost anything that might affect my parents. Although they live on their own but someone is always with then at anytime of the day…so blessed. Yet when my dad took really ill and had to go through surgery for a malignancy which affected his brain, it all came crashing down emotionally and for a while nothing really added up. I flew down and took him to the best hospitals I know and got multiple opinions. It was scary to see that the opinion varied sometimes. Some said that the condition was urgent and needed immediate attention while others said that we had time. Some suggested robotic surgery while others had a different approach. Although each idea seems to take us to the same place but we wanted to choose the right means to get there and the right time to do it. ”
That’s when I googled up to see if second opinion (strictly counting 10th) was available from someone in the US. I stumbled upon iMedicalConsult and took up their services. What I wanted most at that time was not just an opinion from doctors based out of the US but also options of doing at the best places in India and the US and the cost involved. I forwarded all papers and opinion I had sought so far to these people in the US and they readily got back to me with what they thought should be done. Thankfully their views matched with what was being said here by one of the best on the job docs here in India. We went ahead with the surgery and even got a 10% discount on the total bill (almost the cost of my return ticket to the US!!!). What was even more important was the post-operative care. iMedicalConsult people arrange for a nurse and physiotherapist to take care for almost 2 months after the surgery. There were frequent hospital visits and test that were also scheduled by them. Once I left India after 45 days I knew who was doing what and how, this definitely keeps me happy.