A Timely Medical Advice From a Top Neurologist Saved a Life!

Hematoma is a medical condition where in there is accumulation of blood under the skin, and in the muscle or inside the organ. Generally accumulation of blood takes place when the blood vessels rupture. A hematoma can occur in any part of the body, the most dangerous being the one that develops in the brain.

Usually, a hematoma develops when a person sustains a traumatic injury on the soft tissue of the body. It has been observed that people with weak blood vessels are more likely to develop hematomas. The skin may appear bluish or black or may be discolored. The site of hematoma is generally inflamed & painful. A brain hematoma may or may not cause symptoms initially. However, after a few days of sustaining the injury, the person may experience headache, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, drowsiness & dilation of pupils.

The treatment of hematoma depends upon its type, size and the location where it is present. When a hematoma is present within the soft tissue of the brain (brain stroke), it is considered a medical emergency. If it is small in size, then the patient will be carefully monitored as the hematoma is generally resorbed by the body without any medical treatment. Nevertheless, if the hematoma does not vanish on its own in a period of few days, then a small surgical procedure may be necessary. This surgical procedure involves sucking out the accumulated blood through a small opening. We received a case of Mr. Chirag Khurana (name changed due to privacy reasons), a 40 year old man, diagnosed with a clot in the brain. Due to lack of accessibility of expert brain doctors in his city, they sought a specialist opinion on imedicalconsult.com. A timely expert opinion from a top Neurologist helped Mr. Khurana get well!

Mr. Khurana had been suffering from severe headache since past few weeks. Along with that, he also suffered from body ache and had difficulty in standing and walking. When he consulted a brain specialist in his locality, he was asked to get a brain MRI done. The MRI findings suggested presence of a clot in the brain. Mahesh, Mr. Khurana’s brother, thought it to be something really major problem. Since he was not sure about the healthcare facilities in their city, he thought of seeking a second opinion for his brother from a top Neurologist.
That’s when he learnt about ImedicalConsult from a relative. Without any further delay, Mahesh logged on to ImedicalConsult.com and uploaded his brother’s case details along with the reports. They selected Dr. Swaraj Singh, an expert Neurologist, for an online consultation.

After receiving Dr. Swaraj response, Mahesh was quite relieved. Dr. Swaraj diagnosed the problem to be subdural hematoma (small blood clot in the brain). Dr. Swaraj opined that there was nothing to worry as this wasn’t a serious condition and the clot would resolve on its own. He asked Mr. Khurana to undergo repeated CT scans for brain in order to assess the status of the clot. Dr. Swaraj also confirmed the medications prescribed and informed that only conservative management would be sufficient to resolve the clot.
As per Dr. Swaraj’s advice, Mr. Khurana kept on getting CT brain done at every 3 weeks for assessing the status of the clot. It took about a year’s time for the clot to get resolved & for Mr. Khurana to get back to leading a normal life! The right medical advice at the right time from an expert Neurologist on iMediconsult panel helped Mr. Khurana get well!
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