iMedicalConsult – Getting a Second Opinion Online

In today’s medical world two dangerous extremes emerge very often. will take upon themselves to ask the internet what’s wrong with them, and that is always one steep fall down the rabbit’s hole. So is there a middle ground? Of course there is and it is called iMedicalConsult.

Take Care of Your Health : Get Medical Second Opinion from Doctors

So what does IMedicalConsult do, exactly? In short, it helps you to get a second medical opinion. It is an web-based platform for connecting patients with medical specialists from around the globe. Its task is to educate people on the importance of getting second opinion. It can correct or confirm your diagnosis and help your physician to decide how to proceed with a treatment. I know that there are still skeptics out there, because, “how can internet replace calling on a doctor?”. Well, you are also talking with real doctors here.

Through the platform you can get a traditional image analysis practice, but this still cannot replace an examination that requires a human touch. Our medical expert personally knows that personal health is not something that you shouldn’t toy with.

How does it work exactly? First you open your profile, where you can ask for a second opinion as many times as you want, and not only for yourself. You can ask for somebody else’s report on their behalf. After that, you can send your files, primary diagnosis and images to a doctor of your choice. Note that this is not a free service, and that there are different criteria and prices for each medical expert.

Our doctors will review your reports and send you their opinion. If required a virtual consultation over a phone or video call can be conducted.
To make your lives easier, we at iMedicalConsult also assign a care coordinator who would be coordinating the entire process for you and make sure you understand everything and take the most informed decision.